Woking Communities in Bloom Won 4 Blooms In 2018

Woking Communities in Bloom Won 4 Blooms In 2018
Posted on 12/11/2018

One of the highlights of 2018, for Saddle Hills County, was the four blooms received by the Woking Communities in Bloom in the annual judging held in July.

The annual program is run in communities across Canada and around the world. On September 29th, the 24th Edition of the Communities in Bloom National & International Awards Ceremonies were held in Strathcona County, Alberta, honouring municipalities across Canada, the United States, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Croatia, Italy and Wales, United Kingdom.

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces in communities.


The ranking of four blooms represents a score of between 73% and 81% with five blooms being the highest score. Judging was held on July 25th in Woking with the Hamlet receiving a final score of 81% and judges’ comments on the Hamlet’s efforts included the following:

“We found the community thriving with activities, ingenuity and plans. Residents work hard to achieve their goals, whether it is an individual running a sawmill, or as a group transforming an area into a park for residents and people that are passing by to enjoy.”

The judges gave special mention to the Town Center Park and what they referred to as, “… the strong community spirit that is the backbone of the community.”

Woking Communities in Bloom is made up of: Mary Knoblauch, Grace Sadownik, Shirley Mayaard, Shirley Wurm, Beverly Reed, Patty Rolinger, Garry Wurm and Ron Doetzel and Denise van Rootselaar.

Asked about this year's honour Denise van Rootselaar said,
“On behalf of the Woking Communities in Bloom, I’d just like to express that it was wonderful for us to have once again received 4 blooms this year. Although, what was truly an honour was winning first place in our category of Population Under 500. For not only the Woking CiB, but our entire community to receive that kind of recognition for all of our hard work and dedication, was nothing short of a blessing and we are all just so proud. 

"We are also very appreciative to Saddle Hills County Council and staff for always supporting our efforts. Whether it be financial, labour or guidance, the County has shown us that they care about the Woking community as much as we do. 

"Thank you to everyone who has helped the Woking CiB accomplish all that it has, including building our beautiful new park.” 

For a pdf copy of the 2018 Evaluation Form simply click here.