Think Local Market

Think Local Market
Posted on 08/28/2017

Saddle Hills County is a member of Think Local Market and would like to encourage all Saddle Hills County residents who have home-based or commercial businesses to showcase their products or services on Think Local Market.

Becoming a merchant on Think Local Market is FREE for residents of Saddle Hills County, simply by registering online at, emailing Community Development at, or by phoning the County Complex office at (780) 864-3760.

Independent, Local Merchants Working Together

Be part of a vibrant, local business cluster. Concentrate on running your online store, not the technical infrastructure associated with it. Share ideas in a network of independent, local merchants working together to boost online sales as well as store traffic. 

This is a unique opportunity to promote your business within a collective, shared effort that not only reduces the cost and complexity of your online presence, but boosts your ability to bring people to your store.

Becoming a Merchant

Becoming is merchant couldn't be easier and it's 100% commission FREE! Build your own e-commerce website, take advantage of training and start networking with other TLM merchants today.

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