STARS says ‘Thank You’ to Saddle Hills County

STARS says ‘Thank You’ to Saddle Hills County
Posted on 09/10/2019

Glenda Farnden from STARS was at the Saddle Hills County Council meeting on September 10, 2019 to provide Council with her an annual update including vital information happening within STARS and Saddle Hills County as well as mission statistics pertinent to Saddle Hills County. 

Farnden presented Council with a framed photograph of first responders transporting a patient to the STARS helicopter. The inscribed plaque on the photo says, “Saddle Hills County, Our Partners in Saving Lives. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the STARS Municipal Initiative.”

STARS began in 1985. Known then as Lions Air Ambulance Service, it quickly grew to be a crucial part of life in the prairies. According to STARS, “It all began when a pregnant woman from a rural community died from blood loss, leaving a father alone with their newborn. For STARS founder Dr. Powell, her death was one too many. Something had to be done.

Motivated to change emergency care across rural Alberta, Dr. Powell and his colleagues created a helicopter air ambulance service, which was built and supported by the community.

“STARS team members continue to be motivated by our passion for saving more lives and our desire to be the disruptive innovator who contributes to transformation in the health-care system.

“STARS is a charitable, non-profit organization funded by what the organization refers to as ‘allies’: visionary individuals, organizations, businesses, event partners and governments. For more than 30 years, our success has been grounded in community partnerships and donations.”

Saddle Hills County is one of many municipalities across the province of Alberta that supports STARS on an annual basis.


(Left to right): Councillors Willis Fitzsimmons, Lawrence Andruchiw, Deputy Reeve Kristen Smith, Glenda Farnden, Councillor Ed Armagost, Reeve Alvin Hubert, Councillors Ken Titford and John Moen.

(Left to right): Councillor Willis Fitzsimmons, Deputy Reeve Kristen Smith, Councillor Lawrence Andruchiw, Glenda Farnden, Councillor Ed Armagost, Reeve Alvin Hubert, Councillors Ken Titford and John Moen.