Michelle Horncastle Is New Recreation Coordinator

Michelle Horncastle Is New Recreation Coordinator
Posted on 04/15/2019

Michelle Horncastle is looking forward to the diverse set of demands of her new position as Recreation Coordinator in Saddle Hills County. She will be the lead on variety of recreation projects in the County and also be working with the local community groups to promote recreation opportunities.

The Recreation Coordinator job has been a position the County has been looking to establish since the Recreation Plan was completed by RC Strategies in 2017. The first recommendation of the Plan was for the County to continue using an indirect delivery model for recreation.

Director of Community & Protective Services, Brian Ballard, says Horncastle will be encouraging and supporting community groups as they look to expand and explore new recreational opportunities.

“The County does not want to interfere with the excellent work being done by community groups in providing services and programs for residents,” says Ballard.

RC Strategies consulted County residents and local students and discovered a high interest in improving existing campgrounds and developing parks and trails (motorized and non-motorized) in Saddle Hills.  Horncastle’s responsibilities including advising and helping overcome barriers for community groups that deliver recreation; and collaborating with neighboring municipalities in order to plan the future of recreation on a regional basis.

Horncastle started on April 1, 2019 and has already become deeply involved in the Cotillion and Hilltop Lake Campground Expansion projects, Savanna Toboggan Hill and future trail developments in the County. Horncastle will be assist community organizations that wish to develop strategic mid and long term facility plans. The report also recommended a trails master plan and developing a marketing plans for recreation with a focus on existing facilities and programs.

Horncastle has worked in a variety of sport and recreation roles since graduating from Brock University with a degree in Sport Management. She says she is particularly attuned to the needs of rural communities. Prior to coming to Saddle Hills Horncastle was the Recreation Director in Russell Manitoba, a rural community with a population of 1600. Prior to that she worked as a Recreation Programmer for the City of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan.

Horncastle says that when she saw the job posting, she immediately wanted to apply because the job was, in her words, “A perfect fit.”

Ultimately; Council’s goal is to ensure the best recreational programs and opportunities exist with a view towards driving future growth and building stronger communities.