Flooding - Alberta Gov't Advice To Homeowners

Flooding - Alberta Gov't Advice To Homeowners
Posted on 04/25/2018

Homeowners experiencing flood damage to their property need to contact their insurance provider and should do so as soon as possible.

The following resource for advice on clean-up is available through the Alberta Emergency Management Agency - http://www.aema.alberta.ca/recovery-advice.

Because of spring runoff conditions residents are still advised to keep away from streams and drainage channels. Officials are asking that no vehicles enter roads that are under water.

If water levels rise again, please be aware that back flow preventers may not be working and basement flooding and sewer back up is a possibility. Please do what you can to minimize the amount of water in the sewage system.

During spring runoff, creeks, streams, culverts and ditches can be particularly dangerous as flows are often higher and faster than usual. Some ditches and low lying areas which are normally dry will be filled with water and can present a danger.

When engaged in outdoor activities please avoid any area which is under water. Playing near fast moving water can be especially dangerous for children and pets, as they can easily slip on wet, muddy banks and be swept away by fast-flowing icy water.