Farm Vehicle Exemptions For Saddle Hills County Road Bans

Farm Vehicle Exemptions For Saddle Hills County Road Bans
Posted on 05/08/2017

Saddle Hills County Council voted on April 25, 2017 to exempt agricultural vehicles transporting seed to a field or a cleaning facility during road bans which are placed on County roads from time to time.

In addition, agricultural vehicles, operating with permits, issued by Saddle Hills County at no charge under road use agreements, are also exempt.

The County instituted the changes in order to facilitate the work of farmers, especially during the spring months when the County is often forced by weather and melting snow to impose restrictions on County roads.

By asking farmers to apply for a free permit and road use agreement, the County is hoping to have a dialogue with farmers about which roads the County would prefer for them use depending on the current state of the roads and the needs of the farmer.

In order to obtain a road use agreement and a free permit producers should call the Saddle Hills County Engineering & Infrastructure Department at the County office and ask for Road Use Coordinator Mike Wozny (780)-864-3760.