Saddle Hills County's Recreation Plan

Saddle Hills County's Recreation Plan
Posted on 08/28/2017

In 2016 Saddle Hills County contracted RC Strategies Inc. to conduct a Recreation Review on the state of recreation in the County.

Their work included an online survey and a series of open houses held throughout the County in order to gather information and suggestions from County residents and Community Organizations.

The information gathered was used to create a Recreation Plan which was adopted on May 23, 2017. That plan will provide a framework for future decisions regarding recreation in Saddle Hills County.

Residents of Saddle Hills County place a high value on recreation and related opportunities. Residents also understand that the benefits of recreation are wide ranging and significant.

Residents' Responses

Recommendations in the Plan include:

Recommendation #1: The County should continue to deliver recreation through primarily an indirect delivery approach using grant programs to support facilities and community organizations.

Recommendation #2: The County should integrate increased reporting protocols and processes into its grant funding programs.

Recommendation #3: The County should collaborate with surrounding municipalities to plan the future of recreation on a regional basis.

Recommendation #4: The County should work towards establishing a dedicated recreation staff position within 3 – 5 years.

Recommendation #5: The County should establish a “seed funding” grant program to help encourage and foster new programs and events.

Recommendation #6: The County should develop a promotions and marketing plan for recreation with a focus on existing facilities and programs.

Recommendation #7: The County should conduct a biennial recreation survey.

Recommendation #8: The County should work with community halls to develop mid and long term site plans. This exercise should focus on determining the future of underutilized spaces and potential repurposing opportunities.

Recommendation #9: The County should work with community organizations and partners to enhance the maintenance and upkeep of outdoor recreation facilities and amenities (e.g. ball diamonds, playgrounds, sport courts/surfaces).

Recommendation #10: The County should develop a trails master plan that identifies both rural (natural) and community (hamlet) trail development priorities.

Recommendation #11: The County should identify a level of service for recreation infrastructure in identified communities/population settlements (to potentially include Savanna, Bonanza/Bay Tree, Woking, and Blueberry).

The Plan goes into recommended specific, detailed actions and provides the tools necessary to effectively get the most out of and significant investment in a recreational infrastructure project together with a list of implementation responsibilities on the part Council, Administration and Community Organizations.

The documents are available for download by clicking on the links below: