Road Bans

Saddle Hills County places road bans on its roads at different times throughout the year in order to prevent damage by heavy loads.

Road ban information is available through the Alberta Transportation permit process, Roadata (1-877-236-6445), or by contacting the Operations Department.

April 14, 2018

Pursuant to the Saddle Hills County Bylaw 80-1998 "Road Bans" and Policy No. PW 04 "Road Ban", effective at 10:00 a.m. on 14th day of April, 2018 the following road bans will be enforced
on Saddle Hills County Roads.

     a) 75% axle weight loading on all gravel roads 24 hours a day

For a downloadable pdf copy of the road ban please click on the link below

- 2018_04_14 Road Ban

For any other information on road bans within Saddle Hills County, please contact Mike Wozny at (780) 864-5538 or Saddle Hills County Complex at (780) 864-3760.



For current Alberta road ban locations and information you can click here.