Saddle Hills County began as Improvement District (I.D.) No. 134 in April 1, 1945 after the amalgamation of several smaller Improvement Districts. On January 1, 1969, I.D. No. 134 was renumbered to become I.D. No. 20. In January 1995 the I.D. was incorporated and became known as the Municipal District of Saddle Hills No. 20. On July 1, 1999 the Municipal District changed its name to Saddle Hills County.

The improvement districts were governed by Alberta Municipal Affairs, with an Improvement District Manager as an employee of Municipal Affairs, who was assisted by an advisory council. This advisory council was elected by the residents of the improvement district. When Saddle Hills County became incorporated, the advisory Council became a municipal council with all of the power and privileges that the Municipal Government Act allows. Prior to incorporation, all road infrastructure was administered by Alberta Transportation. After incorporation, the municipality became responsible for all local roads and services. The role of administration changed dramatically after incorporation.

In 1981, Improvement District No. 20, built their first fire hall in Woking, Alberta. Other fire halls followed in the 1980’s, with locations in Blueberry Mountain, Happy Valley, Savanna, and Bonanza. Since 1998, Saddle Hills County has promoted a very aggressive firefighting program in order to ensure the safety of all residents and businesses.

Saddle Hills County has always been fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources that create a sustainable assessment base.