Tax Installment Payment Plan

What is TIPP?

The Tax Installment Payment Plan is a useful program that has become widely popular in many other municipalities throughout Canada. By entering into a TIPP agreement with Saddle Hills County eligible ratepayers may have their annual property tax amount divided into twelve equal payments to be then automatically withdrawn from their chequing account on the first of each month over the tax year. 

The Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) Bylaw may be found by clicking here.

How does TIPP work?

TIPP is active from January to December for the current tax year with the first payment being January 1st. Though an applicant may enroll at any time for the current tax year, they will need to submit an initial lump sum payment representing the missed monthly payments between January 1st and their agreement’s start date.

The first six months of payments (January 1st to June 1st) are calculated based on the previous year’s tax levy amount. Any increase or decrease to the actual levy amount for the current tax year will adjust the last six payments of the year to ensure a zero balance on the last payment (December). Members will be notified by email on or before June 1th of the new installment amount.

The Terms and Conditions may be viewed by clicking here.

How to join TIPP?

1.      Discover if you qualify: You may submit a Pre-Approval Application found below to see if you qualify for enrollment in TIPP and discover what your estimated payment amount would be. After review and approval the tax clerk will respond to your application with a customised TIPP agreement. You may also come into the County Office or request some information over the phone.

2.       Review your agreement: The tax clerk will review the terms and conditions of your individual agreement with you.

3.      Sign the Agreements: Upon signing you must be prepared to provide a void cheque or direct withdrawal form from your financial institution and make any initial payment separate from your monthly payment.

Pre-Approval Application may be found by clicking here.


How to cancel your TIPP?

If you would like to cancel your Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) notice is required no less than ten (10) business days before the next expected payment date. If notice of cancelation is given within the ten days of the next expected payment date your bank account will be debited for the next payment and the cancellation will be processed after.

Notice of cancelation is required to cancel your enrollment in a TIPP agreement for any reason, including selling your property. 

Notice of Cancelation may be found by clicking here.