V.S.I Program


Veterinary Services Incorporated (V.S.I) Program

Saddle Hills County continues to offer the Veterinary Services Incorporated (V.S.I) program which is a non-profit organization created to assist Residents of Saddle Hills County to acquire professional veterinary services, at a 50/50 cost share. The eligible services are updated annually and can be obtained on the Saddle Hills County website.

Any producer of cattle, sheep, goats or pigs who wishes to participate in the program must enter into a V.S.I. agreement with Saddle Hills County, at which time Saddle Hills County will issue a V.S.I. number unique to that individual. To apply for a V.S.I. number, contact the Agricultural Services Department by phone at 780-864-3760 or in person at the office at Hwy 49 & Sec Hwy 725. This card number is good for life, even if you need to withdraw for a period of time, your card number can be reactivated once participation requirements are again met.

If you utilize more than $100.00 through VSI, you will be mailed a, “Statement of Farm Support Payments,” each spring for tax purposes. Your entire benefit is taxable at 100% to yourself or your business.

If you choose to withdraw your participation In the V.S.I program, simply contact the Agricultural Services Department at the County in writing with an effective date.To avoid any disruption of services Saddle Hills County is asking anyone who is part of the V.S.I program to notify the Agricultural Services Department of any changes to your address or contact information.

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