ASB Membership

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is an advisory board to Saddle Hills County, they are responsible for promoting sound agricultural policies that result in sustainable agricultural practices.  They also support the Agricultural Fieldman in issuing Weed and Pest Notices and Soil Conservation Notices.  For more information, check out the ASB page here

The ASB helps to develop programs pertinent to the Ratepayers in the County and monitoring their success.  ASBs are also responsible for a variety of other aspects associated with improving the economic welfare of the farmer. The preservation and improvement of agricultural production requires coordinated efforts and frequent communication between the ASB, local institutions and organizations. The role of the ASB is also to encourage good farming practices and farm safety. While performing all of the duties and responsibilities of an ASB, the ASB shall remain accountable to the ratepayers.

The Agricultural Service Board is made up two members of Council and five members-at-large each of whom serves for a three-year-term. Members-at-large are expected to attend between 8 and 10 monthly meetings per year and up to six outside the county meetings, tours or activities.  Honourariums and expenses are paid as per County policies.

If you would like to be part of a group that advises and assists Council and the Minister with agricultural matters, help organize and direct the weed and pest department and be involved in water conservation programs, then this position may be for you.  You will also be involved in animal health issues and create new and promote existing agricultural policies that enhance and protect the economic viability of agriculture in the County.

For more information on the Agricultural Services Board click here

If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit a Member-at-Large Form to outlining your agricultural experience and why you want to be involved with the Agricultural Service Board.  The deadline for applications is September 19.  For more information contact the Rural Development Department.

Saddle Hills County ASB offers some equipment for rental, rates can be found in the Master Rates Bylaw.

If you are interested in renting a piece of equipment, please contact the Rural Development DepartmentTo view the equipment offered for rent simply click here.