Saddle Hills County Council is currently reviewing all policies. New and updated policies will be posted as they become available. Redundant policies will be rescinded and deleted.

AD01. Travel Expense Reimbursement.pdf

AD02. Councillors Tax Exemptions.pdf

AD03. Numbering of County Bylaws.pdf

AD05. Sale of Property.pdf

AD06. Grant Program.pdf

AD08. Policy Criteria.pdf

AD10. Employee Payroll.pdf

AD13. Hiring.pdf

AD14. Payments to Council, Committee and Board Members.pdf

AD15. Travel Tax Benefit.pdf

AD16. Dress Code.pdf

AD17. Local Authorities Pension Plan.pdf

AD19 - Signing of Agreements.pdf

AD22- Nepotism.pdf

AD24- Service Request Tracking.pdf

AD25- Delegations.pdf

AD27- Promotional Items.pdf

AD31- Risk Control.pdf

AD33- Service Recognition.pdf

AD34-Bursary Program.pdf

AD36- Compensation Philosophy.pdf

AD37- Out of Scope Employee Compensation.pdf

AD38- Fitness Room.pdf

AD39. Child Care Subsidy Program for Saddle Hills County Employees who are non-residents of Saddle Hills County.pdf

AD40. Child Care Subsidy Program for Saddle Hills County Residents.pdf

AD41. Harassment Violence in the Work Place.pdf

AD43. Social Media.pdf

AD44. Volunteer Appreciation.pdf

AD46. Purchase of Real Property.pdf

AD47. Bylaw Criteria.pdf

AD48. Whistleblower.pdf
AD49. Convention Conference and Workshop Attendance.pdf
AD51. Personal Use of Social Media.pdf
AD52. Citizen Engagement.pdf
AD53. Electronic Access and Unacceptable Use Policy.pdf
AD55. Employee Code of Conduct.pdf
AD56. At Large Member Eligibility for Board and Committees.pdf
AD57. Facility Use by External Organizations.pdf
AD58. Corporate Clothing Gift to Staff.pdf 
AD59. Council/Administration Communication.pdf
AD60. Electronic Signatures.pdf 

AG02- VSI Veterinary Services Incorporated.pdf

AG03- Chemical Vegetation Control Along Roadsides.pdf

AG05- Meeting Courses & Conferences.pdf

AG06 - Coyote Control Devices and Toxicants.pdf

AG08- Beaver and Beaver Dam Removal.pdf

AG09- Roadside Seeding.pdf

AG10- Seed Cleaning Inspections and Licensing.pdf

AG11- Weed Control on Licenced Drainage Ditches.pdf

AG12- Rental Equipment.pdf

AG14- Mechanical Brush Control.pdf

AG15- Clubroot of Canola.pdf

AG16- Fusarium Graminearum.pdf

AG17-  Wolf Depredation Management Program.pdf

AG-19 - Virulent Blackleg of Canada.pdf
AG20- Farm Family Awards.pdf
AG21- Enforcement of the Weed Control Act.pdf
AG22- Tent Use.pdf

AS01- Appeal to Assessment Review Board.pdf

CD01- Home Support Services Program.pdf

FN01- Investments.pdf

FN02. Security Desposits.pdf

FN04- Reserves.pdf

FN05. Purchasing.pdf

FN06- Tendering.pdf

FN07- Replacement of Assets.pdf

FN11- Tax Recovery.pdf

FN12- Tangible Capital Assets.pdf

FN13- Operating- Capital Reserves.pdf

FN14- Budget Development.pdf

FN15- Credit Card Use Policy.pdf

PD03. Planning and Development Forms.pdf

PD05. Wireless Communication Tower Policy.pdf

PS01. Volunteer Firefighter/Medical First Responder Level of Service.pdf

PS02. Fire Service Cost Recovery.pdf

PS03. Volunteer Firefighter Medical First Responder Mileage.pdf

PS04. Fire Apparatus Safety & Maintenance Program.pdf

PS05. Volunteer Firefighter / Medical First Responder Remuneration.pdf

PS06. Peace Officer - Code of Conduct.pdf
PS07. Corporate Clothing for Volunteer Firefighter-MFRs.pdf 

PW01- Road Dust Control.pdf

PW02- Utilities Hookups.pdf

PW03 - Road Maintenance Agreement.pdf

PW04- Road Bans.pdf

PW05- Hourly or Contracted Equipment.pdf

PW08- Storing of Graders.pdf

PW09 - Maintenance Tracking.pdf

PW10. Snowplowing Driveways.pdf

PW12- Fencing.pdf

PW13- Guardrails.pdf

PW14- Grader Maintenance.pdf

PW15- Licensing, Leasing or Sale of Public Road Allowances.pdf

PW16- Road Acceptance.pdf

PW17. Suspension of Road Maintenance.pdf

PW18- Road Classification and Construction Standards.pdf

PW20- Approach.pdf

PW21- Vehicle Usage.pdf

PW24 Road Obstruction.pdf

PW25-Road Construction.pdf

PW26- Implement Access Road Construction.pdf

PW27- Dedication of right of way for subdivisions.pdf

PW28- Solid Waste.pdf

PW29- Water Cistern Subsidy.pdf

PW30- Clean Up Of Paved Roadways.pdf

PW31- Mechanical Brush Control.pdf

S01- Safety.pdf

S02- Working Alone.pdf

UT01-Rural Potable Water Servicing.pdf

Bylaw Criteria

Bylaw Criteria

Child Care Subsidy Program for Saddle Hills County Employees who are non-residents of Saddle Hills County

Dedication of Right Of Way for Subdivisions

Dedication of Right Of Way for Subdivisions