Community & Protective Services

Director of Community & Protective Services

Brian Ballard      Email

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Departmental Responsibilities:

Fire Departments
Faciliities Maintenance
Community Recreation Program
Project Development
Health & Safety
Risk Management
Campgrounds & Parks Maintenance
Regional Emergency Planning

In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

The Saddle Hills County Community & Protective Services Department is responsible for provision of Fire Services, Medical First Response, and Emergency Management Preparedness. Saddle Hills County fire services are proudly provided by over 100 volunteer fire fighters operating from five fire stations throughout Saddle Hills County.

Saddle Hills County appreciates all the dedicated men and women who serve their communities at any time day and night. To contact the Community & Protective Services Department, click here.



County Fire Departments & Fire Stations
Fireworks Permits
Controlled Burn Notifications
AED Training & Grant Program
Fire Advisories, Restrictions and Bans
Volunteer Fire Fighting
Medical First Responders
Central Peace Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
- Recreation Review Report 2017