Do Not Spray Agreement

Security Measure






I do not wish the Agricultural Service Board of Saddle Hills County to conduct their roadside spraying program on the road allowance that is adjacent to my property. I also acknowledge my responsibility to maintain that portion of roadside, which lies between the boundary of my property and the centre line of the roadway, free of all noxious and/or prohibited weeds and brush.


I further understand that the Agricultural Fieldman or his designate will check this section of right-of-way. If any brush, noxious and/or prohibited weeds persist and are determined to be at an unacceptable level, the owner/occupant of the adjacent “Do Not Spray” area will be notified by Saddle Hills County. A time period will be set within which to control the weeds in a manner acceptable to the Agricultural Fieldman or his designate. Failure to comply may result in Saddle Hills County taking whatever steps it deems appropriate to control these weeds; this may include herbicide application.


I also understand that the municipality rights-of-way are the property of the County and should not be used as a buffer zone.










LAND LOCATION: Qtr.    Section  TWP.    Rge. W of the 6th


Please provide a short description of the remedial action that will be used in controlling the weeds and brush in this section of road allowance.




I hereby agree to these terms, conditions and guide lines for the period of January 1 to December 31, 20







Please download the PDF form and include any additional information and/or documents required and send it to