Northlands Farm Family Award Nominations

Northlands Farm Family Award Nominations
Posted on 04/21/2017

Saddle Hills County’s Agricultural Service Board is currently taking nominations for the 2017 Northlands Farm Family Award at the Edmonton EXPO Center in November.

This award recognizes those who best represent the values of the family farm within their rural community, giving equal consideration to innovative farming business practices and community involvement. 

The family must be an active farm family unit where agriculture is the major source of income.  The farm family is considered as the immediate family currently involved in the family farm operation. 

Candidates will be discussed at the 
May 16th Agricultural Service Board meeting.

Candidates should:

  • Increase awareness of agriculture and maintain a high standard in their agriculture business.
  • Promote the agriculture community through involvement and rural citizenship.
  • Be proactive in new agricultural technologies.
  • Act as a role model to the rural community.
  • Be deserving based on equal recognition of agricultural and community involvement

Please contact one of the members of the Agricultural Service Board to discuss candidates. 

Edward Armagost, ASB Chair
ph:- 780-864-5555 

Conrad Dolen, ASB Vice Chair
ph: 780-864-8425 

Ken Titford, Council Member
ph: 780-864-0821 

John Moen, Council Member
ph: 780-814-0112 

Candace Dolen, ASB Member
ph: 780-500-0076 


Candidates must be brought to a member of the ASB prior to May 16, 2017.  If you would like more information, please contact Elaine Armagost, Manager of Rural Development
ph: (780) 864-3760