Program Offers Fundraising Opportunity For Community Groups

Program Offers Fundraising Opportunity For Community Groups
Posted on 04/12/2017

Saddle Hills County has implemented a highway cleanup program on their paved roads. It is set up as a fundraiser event for local community groups and clubs. All groups and clubs are encouraged to participate.


Payment will be $100.00 per km of completed roadway (both ditches).


The program is similar to Alberta Transportation’s program whereby garbage bags and safety supplies will be provided.


The collected refuse is to be placed in large “orange” garbage bags and placed by the edge of the paved roadway. Saddle Hills County public works employees will collect the refuse to transport and dispose of it in an approved manner.


Your participation in the Annual Highway Cleanup Program or Caring for Saddle Hills County Highway Cleanup Program is welcome.

For further information and details on how to apply, please contact Ron Pelensky, Director of Operations at (780) 864-3760 or email