Slide Requires Peace Country Highway 2 Repairs

Slide Requires Peace Country Highway 2 Repairs
Posted on 04/03/2017

The southbound climbing lane on Highway 2 south of the Peace River near Dunvegan will be closed due to slide activity. 

Alberta Transportation has been monitoring slide activity at the site and has ordered the closure as a safety precaution. The lane closure will likely be in place starting this week and remain until fall 2017.

The planning and design for the necessary repair work is already complete and repairs are scheduled to occur over the summer.

The closure will be in place for less than one kilometre on Highway 2. One lane of traffic northbound and the remaining lane southbound will remain open for travellers.

Repairs will include a minor realignment of the road, paving and the construction of a retaining wall, followed by the reclamation of the old section of highway.

The new, paved highway realignment is expected to be open this fall. However, retaining wall construction and other final road works are expected to be completed in summer 2018.