Management Of Un-harvested Crops

Management Of Un-harvested Crops
Posted on 03/22/2017
Please be advised that, when burning un-harvested crops in the Forest Protection Area (FPA) a Burn Permit is required from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry..

To obtain a Burn Permit pleas call Moira Boomgaarden at 780-814-1983.

If burning in areas outside the FPA a Controlled Burn Notification is required from the County.A Controlled Burn Notification can be obtained on the Saddle Hills County website by clicking here. The purpose of the notification is to prevent false alarming.  

Construct a fire guard by cultivating an area 50 ft. around the perimeter of the field.

Burn in segments not exceeding 40 acres at a time and remember - it's not out until you can place your hand in the burn area and no heat is detected.