Rural Development 

Rural Development Manager            Elaine Armagost        Email
Rural Development Coordinator        Jenifer White            Email

The Saddle Hills County Rural Development Department is governed by several legislative mandates and is guided by the Agricultural Service Board. The Board makes recommendations to Council on all things agriculture including: major projects, policy management and the state of agriculture in the County. The team works at municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels to ensure that agriculture remains a viable, sustainable and profitable industry.

The Manager of Rural Development is tasked with managing weed and pest control, animal health, soil erosion, and water conservation programs. The department is also responsible for vegetation management on all County rights of way.

Each summer, seasonal staff are hired and designated as Weed and Pest Inspectors, to inspect for weeds and pests on private land. The team works to provide advice, education and resources to the residents and welcomes suggestions, inquiries and reports. Look for notifications of events and programs on the Facebook page, the website Event Calendar, and the Central Peace Signal newspaper.